Jam out using your mobile camera.


Winter 2020

My Role
Product Designer

My Team
Rebecca Rhee, Monica Ionescu, Joyce Lin, Brayan Jimenez

Visualizing and manipulating sound in space using mobile cameras with friends through Wave App's listening sessions.

People are searching for new virtual experiences to cope with uncertainty and connect with others in quarantine.


growth in search interest for “online games to play with friends” between February and March (Google 2020).

Music During Pandemic

Poll of 2,000 Americans found music & virtual concerts allowed them to feel connected. 60% reported music is their go-to coping mechanism in any stressful situation (OnePoll).

Curating Playlists Together

Listeners act as "personal DJs," adjusting their music to different situations and times to tailor the appropriate music to how they feel, the purpose, or the situation.

Spotify’s “Social Listening”

“Social Listening” that lets multiple people add songs to a shared queue they can all listen to. Currently, the playback isn’t synchronized.

Current Landscape

Wave is an artistic music manipulation app that provides a collaborative environment to express yourself and listen to music together with friends when you’re apart.

Utilizing mobile cameras to visualize sound in space with others.

Phone cameras are able to sense depth and direction, giving us an opportunity to experience sound in a more immersive environment.

Computer software can easily take music and separate songs into a collection of midi files and create 3D visualizations form them.

Next Steps

  • Refine 3D sound visualizations by exploring ways to visualize sound.
  • Represent tone through texture.
  • Creating waveforms that are more responsive to the enviornment.
  • Expand collaboration capabilities through duets and recording features.
  • View sources and citations for this project.