Stick with your stuff.


In my Interface Design course, we were tasked to use navigation tools to address a problem space of our choice.

February – April 2021

My Role
Design researcher, UI Designer, Usability Test Facilitator

My Team
Joanne Chen, Meron Solomon, and Joyce Lin

Early Ideation

Based off our insights from in-depth-interviews, we created storyboards and wireframes to ideate possible solutions to address each scenario with specific pain-points.

UI Iterations

I led the effort to drive insight-based design iterations for the app's visual interface design. Our main challenge was creating a visual tone that was both accessible and elegant. With larger typeface sizes and high contrast, we strived to create straightforward and sophisticated user interactions.

Design Solution

An app paired with trackers that stick to everyday objects to help people with low-vision locate their items.


Versatile trackers in different sizes that are flexible for all types of items.

Item notification for when items are out of a set location range for permanent spaces.

Haptic feedback & visual compass direction tools for locating items.

Spatial map provides users with the precise location of items at home.

Customizable app UI for users with varying vision accessibility needs.

Visual System